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  • Get a personalized 1-on-1 strategy session with one of the Tripp Advice experts and discover how to start landing the kind of women you used to daydream about.
  • ​Get an analysis of your specific situation, and customized advice to help you break the barriers holding you back from creating your ideal dating life. 
  • ​Develop dating skills that translate to the real world - from confidence building, assertiveness training, and how to attract better professional opportunities.

My Team And I Have Helped Thousands Of Average Men Lead Extraordinary Dating Lives.

We’ve Helped Men All Over The World Develop Concrete Confidence, Become Comfortable and Competent At Flirting, & Taught Them How To Get Women Uncontrollably Turned On. And You Can Learn This Too, Without Pretending To Be Someone You’re Not!

Men Who Date the Most Beautiful Women
  • Have a Mentor
​Talking to and attracting women isn’t something that comes natural to the vast majority of men.
It’s something you’re taught.

Men who are said to be “naturally” great with women usually learn from their father, an older brother, or some masculine figure in their family.

Men who don’t have that charismatic male figure, but consistently date gorgeous women, or have amazing girlfriends seek out other men who are good, and learn directly from them. 
  •  Have a 'Go To' Strategy
There’s this notion that guys who get laid regularly are quick on their feet, and think so quickly that they always have a clever come back.

This is a myth.

In reality men who are good with women find a game plan that works, stick to that game plan, and use it over and over.

The clever comebacks aren’t quick thinking, they’re lines and techniques that have been practiced over and over.

  • Take Action
They simply go for it.

They see a beautiful woman and just go for it.

Even if they think that girl is out of their league. Even if his heart is racing and his palms are sweaty. Even if his anxiety is taking control of his body… he still goes for it.

He understands rejection is part of the process, and embraces it rather than shys away from it. 
Who Are We?
What’s up,

I’m Tripp, the owner of Tripp advice and along with the help of my team, we’ve helped thousands of men around the world excel in their love lives by showing them how to...

Develop confidence that’s as solid as steel…

Tested and proven techniques to make women curious and attracted…

Scientifically proven ways to develop intense levels of rapport…

Turn women on so much she’ll be fantasizing about doing dirty things to you, minutes after meeting her for the first time…
And how to make their relationships more meaningful and last longer...

I started Tripp Advice back in 2009 and have helped even the most awkward, shyest, and introverted men evolve to their most badass selves. Lots of these guys even come to me as virgins, but by the time they’re done with their training they don’t have enough time for all the women who want to be with them.

Some of these men, who live extraordinary dating lives, end up joining my team.

Together we’re going to help as many men as we can develop the kind of succes in their dating lives that they used to fantasize about.

We want to help you evolve into that charming and charismatic stud we know is lying dormant inside you.

A Few Recent Member Transformations
"The women I’m dating now are professionals, fitness models, and are women I would love to marry. I can tell you going through this program definitely works." 
- Rondale, 31
  "I was having an influx of messages and leads coming in and I stopped responding and texting because it just got too much."
- Josh, 26
 "I have a girlfriend for
the first time in 10 years...
and my confidence is through the roof!"
- Ari, 45
 "It feels like I have the pick of the litter. I've dated so many different women and have them calling me and following up with me and I told Tripp I have a problem now. I have too many women that are calling me!" 
- Anthony, 42
"I've had tons of of dates and met tons of women, had plenty of amazing interactions and have a higher confidence level in myself." 
- Dominick, 28
 "I’ve hooked up with multiple women, had sex with one during the program, and I’m still talking with multiple women. I was able to get much better results than I was expecting." 
- Tom, 23
 "I went from not having
many interactions with women...
to sleeping with different women every week!
- Matt, 31
 "I ended up going on several dates with very good looking women."
- Jon, 34
 "I was actually able to go out by myself to bars, approach women and get numbers"
 - Adrian, 31
"I have a good problem right now where I have more women that I know what to do with."
- Shayne, 26
"I just finished a date with a super hot girl. The tips I got from Tripp obviously work."
- Brian, 37
"I went from not seeing or dating anyone to being in a relationship with a high quality woman. I recommend the program, especially to someone who is coming out of a divorce and has no idea how to date in the modern environment. "
- Alexander, 30
  "I have a lot better habits with approaching women who are attractive, getting more numbers, and getting a lot more matches. It’s worth it." 
 - Paul, 37
"I’ve never had a girlfriend. Now I can pick out a girl and have a decent conversation."
- Nacho, 21
 "Having that skill to know I can do this any night I go out is life changing If you’re not getting the girls you really want, Tripp will help you get there." 
 - Jack, 24
"I was able to get several numbers from approaching. What I learned is valuable and it works." 
- Federico, 31
 "I've been having more sex then
I did before I started the program!"
- Alex, 26
"I’m now getting 4-6 dates a week. I’ve actually dialed it down and only kept the ones I'm most interested in. It’s an absolute game changer." 
- Sean, 46
"I met someone and she's my girlfriend now. It's all the good stuff that I've been missing out on for so long and I finally have that." 
- Kershin, 42
"I'm a 56 year old guy. If you think you're too old for this, you're not. I met a bunch of new women, some of those dates lead to sex. It totally works." - 
- Andrew, 56
"During the program, I got a girlfriend who is a wholesome good girl. She’s not superficial or one with ulterior motives." 
- Chris, 28
"I got more matches, more texts, and more dates. I did have sex too. I’ll tell you that. I got sex too. It finally felt good."
- Gerson, 32
"After doing the coaching program, I feel like a completely different person. The confidence I have has lead me to go on multiple dates with women that I want to continue with." 
- Stephen, 48
"By the end of our coaching, I basically had a girlfriend... I was able to overcome my social anxiety, and now I feel comfortable enough to start conversations with pretty much anyone." 
 - Sam, 31
"A year ago, I was playing Magic Gathering on a Friday night, and now I'm having sex
- Joel, 28
" I'm having much better success with online dating and getting second, third, and fourth dates.  I got a system that works.
- Michael, 50
"If you’re a good guy and genuinely want to meet and love women but aren’t getting results, coaching will be good for you.
- Dustin, 37
"When you go with the program, you get a lot better options of women, you feel more confident, and have better skills.  You have nothing to lose.
- David, 41
"Before I started the program, dating was non-existent. I'm now going on 3-4 dates per week and getting more second dates than ever.
- Shawn, 29
"Getting numbers, going on dates, having a rotation is great. If you want to speak to women who would never approach you...   this program is for you.
- Omar, 27
"The Tripp Advice formula was helpful for getting matches & likes and converting those into dates.
- Paul, 32
"I took a girl home and slept with her. I did that the first week after completing the course. Took one home from the bar, a few from online, and an awesome one I met on a plane."   
- Bradley, 27
"I'm now confident when talking to women. I can control the conversation. I feel more positive about everything.
- Billy, 21
"My dating has improved 15 times better. I'm getting a lot of matches now. Every week I'm seeing 2 new women."   
- Sunil, 30
"Now I have a girlfriend. I wouldn’t be where I am now without the coaching program."   
- Nicolas, 23
"I feel in control. It's a priceless feeling to be not be intimidated by a beautiful woman. It's really effective."   
- Russ, 49
"After the program I met my fiancé and 
we got engaged. It only took over 40 years, but it was worth the wait.
- Scott, 40
"My coach and I worked on my approach anxiety. With practice and exercises I'm now able to approach women and get their numbers."   
- Harry, 24
"I'm getting dates now which is great. I recommend this to someone who doesn't know how to approach women."   
- Kevin, 29
"My dating life sucked before I did this program. Now I'm juggling multiple women.
- Tristan, 22
"I was divorced and skeptical. The program 100% works. Now I cold approach all the time and go on multiple dates every week.
- Brynn, 30
"I’m now dating actively. I’m dating more than one woman at a time. I recommend this program to anyone who wants to have more fun and more love in their life.
- Matthew, 35
Before taking my program he was really shy and awkward around women, because he’s an introvert and for a long time he believed being good at talking and flirting was the way to a woman’s heart.

Since he’s an introvert he just thought it wasn’t in the cards for him to date the kind of women that excited him, and who was really attracted to.

But then he decided to take my one on one coaching course, where he discovered being an introvert wasn’t a detriment in dating…

A few days into the course he’s collecting phone numbers left and right, and schedule dates way in advance.

And now, for the first time since his divorce a decade ago, he’s in a happy relationship with a gorgeous woman.

All because he made this shift in his mindset…
Unfortunately when Nico was a kid he had a cancerous tumor on his neck and cheek.

Because of the chemo and radiation treatments to get rid of the tumor, his vocal cords were damaged, which resulted in Nico having a high pitched voice as an adult.

The treatment also messed with the growth of his teeth.

They made his bottom teeth very weak, and they fell out pretty easily as a teen. Later in his early 20’s dentists decided to remove all of his bottom teeth.

Nico was so insecure about his voice and teeth that he rarely approached women at bars or anywhere outdoors, and became addicted to online dating - which really limited his dating opportunities.
But then he took one of my coaching programs, and decided to actually use his insecurities to his advantage.

He stopped caring what anyone thought about his voice, or his teeth, and just acted like himself.

Well he happens to be this rambunctious high energy guy, who people LOVE being around, and that part of his personality was really able to shine after he learned to embrace his insecurities.

In a short time he went from the guy who stood at the corner of the bar all night, shielding his chest with his beer, and HOPING women would approach him…

To constantly being smack dab in the center of attention.

Women would see him smiling ear to ear, despite having a discolored crooked smile, missing its bottom row - and they’d be magnetically drawn to his confidence.
Before - Settled For Women He Neither Found Interesting Or Attractive
After - Stop Settling, Starting ONLY Going For Women That Excites Him, And Is Now Dating A Much Younger Woman And Gorgeous Woman Who Truly Makes Him Happy
Committed, Hard Working, And Action Taking Clients Enjoy These Benefits

1. Eliminate Your Anxiety Around Attractive Women

We’ll talk about why you feel anxiety around attractive women, and discuss personalized and proven strategies to minimize and even eliminate this feeling of anxiety. 

2. Create Unbreakable Levels of Confidence

Approach new scenarios with the kind of confidence that magnetically draws in other people. 

The kind of confidence that makes women so curious that they have to talk to you, and makes other men want to be your new best friend.

3. Never Settle For A Woman, Or Be Lonely Ever Again

​You’ll begin attracting, dating, and sleeping with the kinds of women you used to pleasure yourself to - and you will NEVER settle for a woman below your standards (both mentally and physically) ever again.
And The Long Term Benefits

1. Skip Years of Rejection

Rejection can take a toll on any man’s self esteem and confidence… but it’s also part of the process.

While I can’t say you’ll never be rejected again - I’ve gone through enough trial, error, and rejection - to teach you what doesn’t work, and what works the vast majority of the time. 

2. Eventually Find The ONE Woman You’re Proud To Show Off To Friends & Family

Many guys who come to me for coaching are looking for “The One”.

When you find the one you’ll be prepared to sweep her off her feet, and show her you’re the last guy she’s ever going to want to date or even look at romantically.

3. A Happy Balanced Life

One thing most dating coaches or “gurus” never talk about is how a happy balanced life requires satisfaction with your love life, your health, and your wealth.

By mastering your love life you'll be significantly closer to leading a happy and fulfilling life. 
Here's What You Should Expect On The Call:
This call is for men who are looking to be coached, and who understand the long term benefits of coaching.

​One of the Tripp Advice experts will assess where you’re at with women, figure out where you’d like to be, and help you formulate a plan for your specific situation, including your very next actionable step to reach your goal. 

The call will last between 40 minutes to an hour, so please make sure to block that time off before you schedule your call. 

Have a pen and a pad handy to take notes.

You’ll leave the call feeling like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders, invigorated, and ready to take action with a specific plan our team has laid out for you. 

If you’re a good fit for the coaching program, and we’re a good fit to be your coach we will further discuss the program. If we’re not a good fit, that’s okay, I understand that we’re not a good fit for everyone and not everyone is a good fit for this program. I won’t take it personally and you’ll still walk away with very valuable insight. 
Coaching Calls Are A Minimum of $300/hr -
Why Is This One Free?
I’m not going to mislead you like many other “dating gurus” out there, and tell you this is a free coaching call, only to pull a bait and switch and try to sell you on my high end course.

This is NOT a coaching call...

This is a strategy session where I’ll get a firm understanding of your situation, what your goals are, and if you’re interested in coaching we’ll talk more.

There will be valuable insight, even if we decide not to work together.

You will be given a clear path to your goals.

And you will be given actionable steps you can implement right away to work towards your goal…

BUT (and this is one giant Kim Kardashian sized implant butt) our coaching sessions are a lot more in depth, more comprehensive, and have assignments.
Life Doesn't Stop For Anyone
We’ve had thousands of clients, all around the world who faced serious bouts of crippling depression and loneliness.

Some past clients have even confided in me about suicidal thoughts and tendencies, because they genuinely believed they’d either die alone, or settle for an overweight, chain smoking, alcoholic woman they would dread waking up next to every morning.

I’ve seen many clients hit rock bottom in a bad way…

And I’ve faced similar levels of absolute misery myself.

It wasn’t until I finally decided to dust myself off, get my shit together, and actively work on myself like my life depended on it that I began to love my life, and started attracting the kinds of women I used to believe were lightyears out of my league.

Over a decade of constant leveling up…

Over a decade of rejection…

Over a decade of victories, beautiful women, bad relationships, and great relationships….

My team will show you what we have learned, show you what works, and what doesn’t work.

There isn’t a one size fits all solution for this sort of thing, everyone’s situation is different, and you can get on the path to conquering your dating, love, and sex life, and it’ll all start with a single phone call.