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My Team And I Have Helped Thousands Of Average Men Lead Extraordinary Dating Lives.

We’ve Helped Men All Over The World Develop Concrete Confidence, Become Comfortable and Competent At Flirting, & Taught Them How To Get Women Uncontrollably Turned On. And You Can Learn This Too, Without Pretending To Be Someone You’re Not!
Here’s What To Expect When You Get Coached By Tripp

1. Eliminate Your Anxiety Around Attractive Women

​We'll talk about why you feel anxiety around attractive women, and discuss personalized and proven strategies to minimize and even eliminate this feeling of anxiety.

2. Create Unbreakable Levels of Confidence

​Approach new scenarios with the kind of confidence that magnetically draws in other people. ​The kind of confidence that makes women so curious that they have to talk to you, and makes other men want to be your new best friend.

3. Never Settle For A Woman, Or Be Lonely Ever Again

​You'll begin attracting, dating, and sleeping with the kinds of women you used to pleasure yourself to - and never settle for a woman below your standards (both mentally and physically) ever again.

4. Skip Years of Rejection

Rejection can take a toll on any man's self esteem and confidence... but it's also part of the process. ​While I can't say you'll never be rejected again - I've gone through enough trial, error and rejection - to teach you what doesn't work, and what works the vast majority of the time.

5. Eventually Find The ONE Woman You're Proud To Show Off To Friends & Family

Many guys who come to me for coaching are looking for "The One". When you find the one you'll be prepared to sweep her off her feet, and show her you're the last guy she's ever going to want to date or even look at romantically.

6. A Happy Balanced Life

​One thing most dating coaches or "gurus" never talk about is how a happy balanced life requires satisfaction with your love life, your health, and your wealth. ​By mastering your love life you'll be significantly closer to leading a happy and fulfilling life.
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 "I went from not having
many interactions with women...
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 "I ended up going on several dates
with very attractive women!"
 "So far the tips I got
from Tripp are wicked,
they obviously work!"
 "So far the tips I got from Tripp are wicked,
they obviously work!"
 "I was able to get several numbers...
What I learned is valuable, practical, authentic, and it works."
 "I can actually pick out a girl
and go up to her and talk to her."
 "I've been having more sex then
I did before I started the program!"
 "I have a girlfriend for
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